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The main tasks of Belarusians abroad are solidarity and activity

By his efforts to increase the flow of migrants to EU countries, Lukashenko spoils the attitude of these countries not only towards his regime, but also, unfortunately, towards Belarusians trying to find refuge abroad. Such facts as the increase in the flow of migrants turn Polish public opinion against Belarus.

"Well, an ordinary Polish citizen will not look for differences between the regime and ordinary Belarusians. Polish society is already quite tolerant towards Belarusians, but all these facts are primarily aimed at instilling a sense of fear and anxiety in the Polish voter. What will happen? Demand that your politicians close the border. That's what makes it dangerous," says Roza Tururbekova, an expert on international politics.

This trend, the expert adds, has not yet been overcome, and Belarusians do not have many tools — first of all, they need to remain visible in the public sphere.

In fact, this problem concerns not only Belarusians in Poland, but also exiles in neighboring countries of Belarus. So, on June 17, Belarusian Yehor Mikhalkevich climbed a cell tower in Vilnius with a white-red-white flag. Thus, he protested against the refusal to grant him refugee status in Lithuania.

"We are visible only to experts. In fact, we are invisible to Polish society as a whole. Belarusians have never been as visible as, for example, Ukrainians, and such a broad program of assistance to Belarusians has not been carried out. But in general, of course, the trend is bad. , and this in the treasury of the fact that our democratic forces need to make protection of the interests of Belarusians their first priority, " says Roza Turarbekova.

Therefore, the main task of Belarusians both in Poland and in other countries is solidarity and activity in order to be able to jointly convey information to local officials and the population about the real state of affairs and the situation of Belarusians under the dictatorship.


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