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Reverse diplomacy

It is becoming more and more difficult for the foreign departments of the Russian Federation and Belarus to engage in real diplomacy, because there is almost no one to work with. Countries, thanks to their brilliant international politics, expelled behind the scenes of civilized diplomacy are boiling in their own "dictator juice".

So you have to look for new interesting jobs. The Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Russia and Belarus prepared a joint "report on the situation with human rights abroad." No matter how ridiculous it sounds from the mouths of totalitarian agencies, they really developed a large detailed report on how bad life is for people in Western countries and how much their rights are abused there. They themselves brag like this: "If not for the beauty of the artistic presentation, then for the depth and scale of this work, we can compare it only with the novel "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy."

According to representatives of both foreign ministries, the worst situation with human rights and freedoms is now in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and the United States. The report is simply scary for an unprepared person to read - you have no idea what horrors and police arbitrariness are happening in these countries.

"In a number of countries, racist ideas and values are openly propagated, national radicals raise their heads. And this is happening despite the legal mechanisms operating within the framework of the UN, OSCE and a number of other international organizations aimed at counteracting the heroization of Nazism, racism, xenophobia and related intolerance. A group of states where structural manifestations of racism and intolerance permeated all spheres of public life is already quite clearly distinguished," the preface of the document states.

An interesting method to divert attention from the total lawlessness of the population of one's own countries.


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