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"Mole" that was "digging" on the border

Employees of the SBU in the Volyn region, together with the internal security unit of the DPSU, conducted an operation during which the "mole" of the FSB was detained, who was spying on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, passing information to curators from the Russian Federation. The border guard, the head of the border detachment, who served under contract, collected information about the Defense Forces on the northern borders of Volhynia.


On the instructions of the occupiers, he establishes the location of fortifications and the approximate number of Ukrainian troops involved in the defense of the border with Belarus, the coordinates of warehouses with weapons and ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the region.


The relevant information was timely intercepted by the SBU, criminal actions were documented, as a result, SBU counter-intelligence officers with the involvement of special units of the CSO "Alfa" detained a Russian agent near the place of duty. Necessary measures have been taken to ensure the security of places of deployment of Ukrainian troops


According to the investigation, the border guard was recruited remotely, through an anonymous chat, by an FSB employee from temporarily occupied Luhansk. The contractor came into the sight of the occupiers while serving in eastern Ukraine. Later, he was transferred to one of the units in the Volyn region. In case of successful completion of the tasks, the agent was promised "evacuation" to the territory of Russia and a position in the occupation groups.


Currently, the criminal is in custody, he faces life imprisonment under Part 2 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (treason committed under martial law).


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