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"Lukashenko is funnier than Putin. That one is a devil, and this one is a clown, a servant"

The famous Belarusian comedian Yevhen Smorygin, who now lives and works in Ukraine, in particular, stars in the "Diesel Show" project, shared his thoughts about Lukashenka, Putin and the war. Yevgeny, who once performed and even painted Lukashenka at concerts in front of Putin, experienced the beginning of the invasion of the Russian army and the attempted attack on Kyiv with his family in a house near Kyiv. Public Radio recorded a podcast with him as part of the project "Chase and Trident: Belarusians in Ukraine".

- As you say about him - he is a character, he is a dictator. At the same time, there are many memes and many parodies about him. Parodies of Putin are few and far between. I have seen few parodies of Putin.

- Me too.

- Lukashenka has something to say. How do you explain it?

- Well, he's funnier. Funnier than Putin. Because Putin is the devil. Well, how to joke with him... About what now? Make fun of the freak of hell? It's just bullshit. It's fear, pain, fear and everything. And Lukashenka is his servant, a clown who pretends that he is important. "We were given such a nuclear weapon, we will use it. Oh, we will, no matter what! Well, everything is funny. Everyone understands that it's simple... They put you there and they will tell you - you will do what they say. But the rockets stopped firing from Belarus, so he understood something. Nothing from Belarus for a year and a half... Well, apparently, the military told him.

- Well, something takes off from airfields, but...

- No, no, they don't launch missiles over Ukraine. If one rocket had gone off, nothing would have been left of these refineries [Belarusian refineries], I think so. And he understands it. And, apparently, the military told him Belarusian. He wanted: "Let's go together now [to fight with Ukraine]." He was apparently told: "Aleksandr Ryhorovich, what are we doing here?" Apparently, he was clearly hinted.

- So if they go to hell, there will be two different cauldrons for them?

- I think so. Putin will have the main one, and this one will be an auxiliary one. It is not for us to judge. That robber hung to the left of Christ and repented at the last moment of his life. And he said: "Replace me in your kingdom." That is, he knew that he was not worthy to even appear there. And he [Christ] said: "You will be the first in paradise with me." Because he realized and repented. So it's not for us to decide.

- How do you imagine the day of the dictator's death?

- Apparently, there will be a holiday. General holiday ... "lukaniny", or whatever you want to call it. Because he does so much evil to people that when he dies... Well, so will Putin. Well, imagine if Putin died. What will be done on the streets of Ukraine? It's probably the same here.

- Would you like to come back?

- In Belarus? Well, [I would like to] go to the free, democratic Belarus of my childhood, let's say. In the nineties there was absolute freedom, you can do what you want. And I liked this time. You can make a business out of anything. We opened several coffee shops, a new ice cream shop. Here you have a video center, computer centers of some kind, everything was profitable - please, ideas are welcome. I want to come to such a Belarus and, perhaps, share my experience on television and so on. Make good shows and programs that people need.

- Already after "breaking"?

- Yes, of course.


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