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Lukashenko has finally “broken pots” in relations with Armenia?

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said that no official representative of Armenia will visit Belarus as long as Alexander Lukashenko remains the head of this country.

The prime minister expressed this in parliament on Thursday, as quoted by Emphasizing the complex relations between Armenia and the CSTO, he recalled the statement of the leader of Belarus. "One of the leaders of the CSTO states that he participated in the preparation of the 44-day war, supported, believed and wished for the victory of Azerbaijan. And after that, I need to discuss something with the leader of Belarus in the format of the CSTO?" Pashinyan said .

At the same time, he noted that within the CIS and EAEU, he will somehow be forced to cooperate with the leader of Belarus. "However, I declare that from now on I will not go to Belarus as long as President Alexander Lukashenko is in power in Belarus. And in general, from now on no official representative of Armenia will go to Belarus, " Pashinyan promised.

Only the day before, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Ararat Mirzoyan, assured that the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, did not declare that Yerevan was withdrawing from the Collective Security Treaty Organization. When asked by an opposition deputy about the possibility of leaving the CSTO, Pashinyan said that some members of this alliance did not fulfill their contractual obligations and "planned a war against us together with Azerbaijan." "We will leave, we will decide when, " added the Prime Minister of Armenia. He said last month that at least two member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization were actually helping Azerbaijan prepare for a war against Armenia that began in 2020.

For some reason, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry has not yet reacted to Pashinyan's sharp statements against Lukashenka. But Dmytro Krutoy, the ambassador of the Russian Federation in Belarus, answered. "Pashinyan needs to figure things out, he still has protests there [in Yerevan]," the Russian ambassador said.

The Prime Minister of Armenia also explained that his attitude towards the CSTO may change when Belarus leaves the organization or if the Belarusian ruler apologizes.

After the current words, it seems that Armenia's course to break with the Lukashenko regime is inevitable. The circle of countries "friendly" to the dictator is gradually decreasing.


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