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Lukashenka's Security Council will measure the public's trust in the regime

On June 18, Lukashenko convened a meeting of his Security Council to consider the new Concept of National Security recently adopted at the "All-Belarusian People's Assembly".

What is new in the concept of a dictator, designed to protect his power?

The State Secretary of the Security Council, Lieutenant General Oleksandr Volfovych, spoke about the new criteria for assessing risks in the field of political security.

According to him, as before, there are five indicators for assessing political security. However, in addition to them, there are more than 25 criteria that give a more realistic picture.

"For example, percentage ratios have appeared based on such criteria as trust of the population in the head of state, trust in the authorities and other institutions of state administration. These are specific methods developed on the basis of scientific developments, " says Valfovych.

The State Secretary of the Security Council also added that not only the situation inside the country is constantly being analyzed, but also what is happening outside our borders.

"The criteria for assessing the foreign policy situation (what is happening abroad and the threats that are forming against our country) in the political sphere outside the border are also taken into account, " he added.

So, in fact, the regime, understanding the real attitude of Belarusians towards him, raised the issue of his monitoring to the highest level.


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