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If you saw democracy — get out of school!

The Belarusian regime’s fear of any manifestations of self-awareness of Belarusians, of the danger of the emergence of at least some sprouts of democracy is truly paranoid. His followers are ready to blow the whistle at the slightest suspicion of “dissent.” What if, for example, children are suddenly taught at school by Ukrainians who moved to Belarus after Euromaidan? After all, these are probably “fascist youths” who dream and see in order to teach children the basics of extremism, mass riots and organizing sabotage against Lukashenko.

It sounds funny, but not for Lukashenko’s officials. Thus, in accordance with the order, educational institutions must provide to the main education department of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee in June of this year information about all employees who have received a Belarusian passport or residence permit in Belarus starting in 2014.

Why the Gomel Regional Executive Committee needed information about the Ukrainians who came to Belarus after the Euromaidan is not reported. It is also interesting that officials did not turn to the services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to collect information - apparently, they decided to check whether Soviet methods work with informants-“snitches”

The Ministry of Education is also interested in students from Ukraine. Thus, educational institutions are required to notify students who were admitted after the date of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. What if they also brought to the “state for the people” their knowledge about overthrowing regimes, acquired in secret European training camps?


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