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"I am not afraid. Let them be afraid!"

This is the name of the exhibition that will be held in Paris from July 2 to 30. It is organized by several Belarusian and Russian organizations of democratic forces. The goal will be to draw attention to the situation with freedom of speech and conscience in Russia and Belarus during the Olympic Games. Special attention will be paid to two outstanding human rights defenders of our time, prisoners of conscience of two dictatorships: Belarusian Ales Bialetski and Russian Oleg Orlov.

Since the 1980s, Bialetski participated in the national revival, in the 1990s he organized the human rights center "Vyasna", he was persecuted more than 20 times by the Lukashenka regime for public and human rights activities. In 2021, he was detained for fighting against the usurpation of power by Lukashenka, and in 2023, he was sentenced to 10 years of strict regime in a case of falsification by the authorities. The title of the exhibition was a phrase from his last speech at the court. In the 22nd, Oles Bialetski became a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

Oleg Orlov has been fighting for human rights and anti-communism since the 1970s. One of the founders of the human rights society "Memorial". He was a human rights monitor in many armed conflicts. Refused to work in Putin's "human rights" organization. In 2007, he was abducted and beaten by Kadyrivians. Later, the court won on Kadyrov's accusation of defamation. He was present at Bialetskyi's trial. He tried to finish the protest, but the Lukashians banned him from entering Belarus. In the 24th, the Putinists sentenced him to 2.5 years in prison for anti-war calls and declared him a foreign agent. In the last word, he pleaded not guilty, once again calling Putin's Russia a fascist totalitarian state.


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