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Germany and the "Belarusian way"

From the beginning of January to the end of May, the German Federal Police recorded 2,215 unauthorized entries into Germany via the "Belarusian route" on the borders with Poland and the Czech Republic. This was reported by representatives of the authorities, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes.

If in January there were only 26 such cases, in February - 25, then in March their number increased to 412, in April - to 861, and in May, according to preliminary data - to 891.

Despite the upward trend, the overall indicators are still significantly lower than last year's, apparently, the measures taken at the borders still gave their results. By the end of May 2023, about 6,000 unauthorized crossings on the "Belarusian highway" were detected.

Poland and the European Union accuse Russia and Belarus of deliberately helping people from crisis regions enter the EU without permission, providing them with visas and logistics. It started in 2021, and now Belarus' neighbors have erected a fence on the external borders with the EU .


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