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"Escalation" on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border bothers the Russians?

The issue of the concentration of Ukrainian troops on the border with Belarus "causes concern not only for Minsk, but also for Moscow", said on July 1 the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitriy Pyaskov. "Belarus is a union state, we have special formats of dialogue between all interested agencies, including special services," TASS quoted him as saying, "And our defense ministries are in constant partnership contact." When asked about a possible discussion of this topic between Putin and Lukashenka, Peskov answered that "they will be able to do it if they deem it necessary."

We remind you that Lukashenka's State Border Committee announced the worsening of the situation on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, stating that Ukraine is concentrating heavy weapons on the border. On June 21, the inspection of the troops began in Belarus, the departures of units in the Brest and Gomel regions became more frequent. The Ukrainian authorities confirmed that they are strengthening the protection on the border with Belarus, but rejected accusations of provocations, shifting the responsibility to Belarus.

On June 28, the State Border Committee announced the activation of Ukrainian intelligence, the presence of "RDK" units in the zone of responsibility of the Zhytomyr border detachment (bordering the Gomel region), as well as the discovery of caches of explosives on the border. The Ministry of Defense also announced the deployment of the Polonaise anti-aircraft missile system in connection with the "difficult situation near the state border."

On June 29, describing the situation on the border with Ukraine, the head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of Belarus Severynchyk said that "the situation in the airspace is tense." Deputy Commander of the SSO Vadim Lukashevich accused Ukraine of preparing terrorist attacks in Belarus.

On June 30, the ANT TV channel showed an interview with the Chief of the General Staff - First Deputy Minister of Defense Pavel Muraveik, who stated that the situation on the southern border of the country is "complicated", measures are being taken "to control the situation, near the border with Ukraine there is an unfounded and still unclear "activity".

"We see the movement of troops, we are faced with the provocations of unmanned aircraft that violate our state border by one hundred, two hundred, three hundred, five hundred meters, sometimes up to a kilometer, " Muravejka said. In this situation, according to him, Belarus "is forced to allocate units to the border, interact with border guards, prepare for cover, sometimes deploy artillery in order to be able to react in time." "We have a certain apprehension, a serious apprehension, vigilance, " said Muravejka.

Having invaded the territory of sovereign Ukraine, both Lukashenko and Putin are now "concerned" that Ukraine keeps troops on its border. Wondering what happened? Who will now show from where the offensive is being prepared?


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