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Canada does not perceive Lukashenka as a guarantor of Belarus' independence

This was emphasized by Canada's ambassador to Poland, Katrin Godin, during a meeting with the deputy head of the joint temporary cabinet, the head of the National Anti-Crisis Office, Pavel Latushka.

The meeting was devoted to a number of important topics:

  • campaigns and results of elections to the Coordination Council;

  • the problem of harmonization of sanctions and the need to expand them in relation to Lukashenka's regime;

  • the situation with political prisoners in Belarus and features of the approach to their release.

On behalf of the NAU team, the ambassador was presented with proposals to impose sanctions against specific enterprises of the Military Industry, the propaganda TV channels STV, ANT, the publishing house "Belarus Segodnya", BelTA, propagandists, judges of the regime. Ekaterina Krutalevich - journalist of "Belarus 1", who was interviewed Daria Losik, rector of BSU Andrei Karol and others.

The Canadian side considers it important to continue the harmonization of sanctions against Russia and the Lukashenka regime and to promote mediation with other countries for this purpose.

Pavel Latushka noted the active position of the Canadian government regarding sanctions pressure on Lukashenka's regime. Catherine Godin emphasized that the materials presented by the NAU team find practical implementation in decisions on sanctions.

In response to the request of NAU lawyers, the ambassador promised to help establish cooperation with Canadian lawyers who are conducting a case against Syria on behalf of Canada for violation of the Convention against Torture. Their expertise will be useful for the continuation of the NAU's work on materials that confirm the crimes of the Lukashenka regime against the Belarusian people.

The Canadian Embassy expressed its support for Belarusian activist Andrey Gnet and promised to quickly send updated information about his situation to the Canadian Embassy in Serbia.

"It is important for us that Canada consistently supports the Belarusian people in their quest for a free and democratic Belarus, so that cooperation between Canada and Belarusian democratic institutions is meaningful and effective," said Pavel Latushka.


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