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Belarusian-Ukrainian conference on European integration

A conference on European integration of Ukraine and Belarus was held in London. It was held at the Royal Institute of Defense Studies and was organized thanks to the Warwick Ukraine-Belarus (WUB) Hub together with the Office of Sviatlana Tsikhanovskaya, the analytical center "Ukrainian Prism" and Warwick University. According to the press service of Tsikhanovskaya's office, the main topic of the conference is the ways of European integration of Belarus and Ukraine.

Among the participants were Ambassador Dirk Shubel, former Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrus Kubilius, MEP Miriam Leksman, European Commissioner Virginius Sinkavičius, Globsec Vice President Alena Kudzko, Franek Viachorka and Dzianis Kuczynski from the office of Sviatlana Tsikhanouska, Lesya Rudnik from the Center for New Ideas, journalist Anna Lyubakova, researchers Alena Korastialeva and Tatsiana Chulitskaya.

"Very good level of organization and participants. There was an opportunity to talk with Ukrainians, including about social projects. A great opportunity to test the clock, see what works and what doesn't. The conference is being held in London on the eve of the British elections. It is important that Belarus is not only in the priorities of EU policy, but also of Great Britain," said Frank Vyachorka.

The conference was attended by experts, diplomats, activists, special representatives for cooperation with the democratic forces of Belarus. Representatives of the Embassy of Ukraine in London and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain also participated.


During the discussions, strategies and scenarios of the development of events in Ukraine were discussed, in particular, its recovery after the war, moods in Belarusian society and ways of popularizing the European perspective, supporting civil society and independent media.


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