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A big "overhaul" in Lukashenka's personnel.

The dictator's press service is buzzing with new personnel appointments in his entourage.

First, Lukashenko finally elected a new head of his administration. After a one-and-a-half-year "trial period" in the position of ambassador of Belarus to Russia, Dmitry Krutoy became him. Given the closeness of this position to the "body", some analysts even claim that it is a contender for Lukashenka's rightful succession. Well, Oleksandr Rogozhnyk , now the former minister of industry, was appointed to the vacant position of ambassador to Russia. Lukashenko explained this choice by the fact that the main interaction with Russia now is precisely in the field of industry, where Rogozhnyk is well known. The new ambassador was given instructions to "show activity", as an example the workaholism of his predecessor, who was constantly "rushing all over Russia".

Sergey Aleynyk was promoted from the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs, which he held for 2.5 years. Now the Ministry will be headed by Maksym Ryzhenkov , who was previously the deputy head of the "president's" administration. According to the dictator, he should "bring the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to its senses."

A new head of the Ministry of Agriculture was also appointed, Oleksandr Linevych from the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee. Oleksandr Yefimov, the head of the Brest Regional Executive Committee, became the head of the Ministry of Industry. Yurii Shuleyko was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister for the Agricultural Industry.

It seems that the carousel of Lukashenka's appointments is not over yet, the press service announces a continuation.


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