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Will Kalinoŭski Regiment defend Lithuania?

An interesting opinion about the threat to Lithuania from the Russian side was heard on the air of Latvian radio LTR. It was expressed by the famous Lithuanian philosopher Gintautas Mazeikis.

Lukashenka's new chief of staff, General Paulo Muravejka, gets along well with the Russian special services, the army and Prigozhin's mercenaries, who remained in Belarus. Ant openly threatens military intervention against Lithuania, fantasizes about capturing the Suwalki corridor in two days. To do this, he organizes military training, modulates the use of tactical nuclear weapons and plans sabotage in Lithuania and Poland.

But there is another Belarusian force in information field the regiment named after Kastus Kalinowski, which fights against Russia on the front lines and has a lot of experience in conducting real combat operations, which Lukashenka's army lacks now. However, the Kalinovsky regiment coordinates its actions with the Ukrainian military, not with the headquarters of Tikhonovsky or the Coordination Council under the influence of Mr. Latushka, the professor notes.

In case of Belarusian aggression against Lithuania, the state can turn to Ukraine for help, namely to Kalinowski's regiment, to invades to its homeland. Therefore, it is surprising to hear how Lithuanian politicians criticize the Litvinism of this regiment. It is quite likely that many Belarusian citizens or even entire Belarusian troops will want to join Kalinowski's regiment. The threat emanating from the regiment partially restrains the thoughts of Lukashenka's subordinates, Muraveyko.

"I believe that Lithuania would benefit not only from closer contact with Belarusian opposition political organizations here and in Poland, but also from support for the regiment, Belarusian anti-Lukashenka military and partisan formations. Such cooperation will be necessary and useful when a crisis breaks out, and therefore it is better to start it earlier. It is important for the Belarusian opposition to help prevent Lukashenka's subordinates from carrying out a criminal and disastrous military operation against the Baltic states," Mr. Mazeikis said .


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