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The Belarusian dictator will have to reckon with the results of the Peace Summit

The Peace Summit initiated by Ukraine ended in Switzerland . 78 countries, many of which were represented at the highest level, signed the final resolution, which clearly described what was happening as the Russian Federation's war against Ukraine, which "continues to cause massive human suffering and destruction, and create risks and crises with global consequences for the world." They demanded an end to nuclear blackmail and the return of deported Ukrainian children to their homeland.

What is the meaning of this resolution? What signal did Lukashenko receive from the Peace Summit?

Maxim Pleshko

The site talked about this with candidate of philosophical sciences, head of the Ukrainian Center of Belarusian Communications Maksym Pleshko :

- I am convinced that the Peace Summit in Bürgenstock is of great importance for Ukraine and the world. After all, its goal was to develop a common understanding of the path to a just and lasting peace in Ukraine. It was Ukraine that expressed the formula to the world more than a year ago and consistently implemented it. It is this summit that fulfills part of those positions, those provisions, which are indicated in the formula.

Among the key participants were almost all heads of European structures, heads of Western states. Among others, the President of the European Commission, the President of the European Council, the Chancellor of Germany, the Prime Minister of Italy, the Prime Minister of Canada. One of the first was the vice president of the USA, also the president of France, etc.

All of them expressed a clear and unambiguous position that Russia is the aggressor, that this is a full-scale war. Nobody talked about the "conflict in Ukraine". The communique refers to "Russia's war against Ukraine." At the strategic level, all partners expressed unequivocal support for Kyiv – political, financial, military. And they expressed their conviction that the world should win together with Ukraine.

The second thing I noticed was that most of the speakers I listed, as well as representatives of the Global South who came to the summit - India, Africa, Saudi Arabia - supported the thesis that the world does not need to reinvent the wheel. We must return to the implementation of the UN Charter.

- Did the theme of Belarus sound?

- Polish President Andrzej Duda spoke about Belarus. It was harshly noted that the situation with Belarus worries Poland. Duda said that Russia is responsible for the war, but not only Russia is waging this war. Due to the Lukashenko regime, this war was facilitated and continues to this day. There are also hybrid attacks on Poland by Belarus. The appearance of the Belarusian issue on the agenda of the Committee shows that today the Lukashenko regime does not protect the interests of the Belarusian people, but promotes the interests of the Kremlin.

- Why did Lukashenka need a hybrid war against Poland?

- I would like to remind our readers that there are several types of hybrid attacks by Belarus against Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic states.

First of all, it is disinformation, cyber-attacks, subversive activities, low-intensity conflicts that take place at the borders and the facilitation of illegal migration. These are key positions. Why is Lukashenko doing this? There is no exact answer.

To some extent, this is a joke, but we at the Belarusian Communication Center tried to find an answer to this question with the help of artificial intelligence.

One of the options that AI offers us is emotional revenge for sanctions, an attempt to prove something to someone. In my opinion, Lukashenko is the blade of the hybrid war that Russia is waging against NATO countries. Unfortunately, the point of this attack was Belarus.

The deployment of nuclear weapons and other military facilities creates a situation where Lukashenko promotes Putin's policies.

Border crossings are closed, trade is decreasing. Undoubtedly, the citizens of Belarus suffer because of this. Therefore, there can be no national interest of Belarus here, it is all the more the imperial interest of Putin, who represents Lukashenko, and he is doing it immorally. This is not some kind of noble war, these are vile steps characteristic of gopniks.

- Hopniks understand only the language of force. Is the West ready to talk to Lukashenka from a position of strength?

- We can already see the answer. This is strengthening the borders, increasing the number of border guards and armed forces in this territory. I do not rule out that there are other methods.

Poland and the Baltic countries, the NATO countries, are extremely closely monitoring the situation inside Belarus - the military-industrial complex, military facilities, since Belarus is under the hybrid occupation of Putin's regime.

Another answer is the West's support for Belarus, support for the projects of the formation of the Belarusian political nation, national consciousness.

Because if we talk about subjectivity, then, on the one hand, the Lukashenko regime, through which Putin acts, is such a semi-subject, and on the other hand, only the Belarusian political nation can be a subject.

We in Ukraine understand this for sure. Our Center fully supports everything that contributes to the formation of the Belarusian political nation, because we are interested in Belarusians restoring their state.

According to Ukrainian experts who to one degree or another deal with Belarusian issues, the issue of Belarus for Ukraine is the "number two issue" of our future and security.

"Question number one", of course, is the war with Russia and Russia itself, but then - Belarus and its future. And we in Ukraine understand this, we feel an emotional connection with Belarusians who think democratically.

It is very easy for us to talk about this cultural connection, common history, we have a lot to talk about.

We have practically no topics that separate us, we understand each other.

It often seems to me, when I communicate with Belarusians, that I have met a very close relative whom I have not seen for a long time, from whom we were separated.

But here we met, we talk, we understand each other with half a word, we want to continue to live, work together, help each other. These are the most sincere and warm feelings. There are no people closer to Ukrainians in terms of mentality, history, culture, and language than Belarusians.

- What signal did the Lukashenko peace summit give?

- Lukashenko can play the role of a clown and scaremonger on Putin's order, but it would be a great simplification if we said that he is just a fool. He would not be able to maintain the regime and the loop for so many years.

Of course, Lukashenko's actions will be aimed at surviving and preserving his regime. He perfectly understands that he has a chance while Putin is in power. If Putin falls asleep, Lukashenka will either have to give up power or, under guarantees, go to the territory of Russia or what is left of it. It is unlikely that he will be able to live in Belarus, the Belarusians will not let him.

It is obvious that Lukashenko will take into account the results of the Committee. Will we hear it in his rhetoric? Unlikely. Will we see in his actions? They will take this into account in certain actions.


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