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Belarusian propaganda deceives itself

For a whole week, Russian and even louder Belarusian propaganda celebrated Le Pen's victory in the French elections. The propagandists convincingly waited for the end of European support for Ukraine and tasted the right turn in the politics there. Therefore, the victory of the left in the elections in France was an unpleasant surprise for them.

According to the results of the elections, the left coalition "New People's Front" showed the best result, which won 182 seats in the parliament. Macron's coalition won 168 seats. And Maria Le Pen's right-wing National Union won only 143 seats. The new French government will be formed on the basis of a compromise between the left and the coalition of the current president.

When Marie Le Pen's coalition took first place in the first round, propagandists choked up talking about a protest vote. About the fact that the French are ready to elect anyone, if only not the party of the current president. Belarusian "experts" condescendingly explained to Macron his strategic mistakes. Propaganda in Russia and Belarus was so convincing that it convinced itself. She gained such speed that she could not stop.

"Macron was shown the door. The results of early elections in France, announced on the initiative of Macron himself, ended in defeat for him," wrote the speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin after the elections.

Even on Sunday evenings, Belarusian state television broadcast stories about the European turn to the right. Well, because the sites were prepared in advance. The good should not be lost due to the fact that the reality did not live up to the expectations of Belarusian propagandists. As they say, "the worse for reality."

Before that, Lukashenka's television expected a new bourgeois revolution in Britain. As a result, the Labor Party won there, which, above all, declared its priority in supporting Ukraine.

And the inevitable collapse of Poland. Belarusian propaganda anticipated this not for the first year, during the last elections - with special eagerness. But in the end, the collapse of Poland somehow did not work out.

In the virtual reality of Belarusian propaganda, Europe has been burning for a long time, the USA has almost collapsed, and the Poles want to find food for themselves. Everyone is busy with their own crises, and no one cares about supporting Ukraine. This is the third year in a row.

What can all this talk about? First of all, Lukashenka's international information policy is shaped either directly by the "geniuses" of Russian propaganda, or by those who greedily look into their mouths. The second is that these geniuses are so detached from reality and confused in their fictions that all their predictions come true with the exact opposite. And faster than they have time to realize it.


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