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A nationally conscious Belarus is a Ukrainian national interest

Participants of the Ukrainian-Belarusian Forum in Lviv, which took place on December 9-11, 2022 - people's deputies of Ukraine, members of the inter-factional group "Ukraine-Belarus" - stated that Ukraine is interested in the national revival of Belarus.

"Ukraine is interested in having not just a free, democratic Belarus as a neighbor. Ukraine is interested in Belarus being nationally conscious," People's Deputy of Ukraine Bohdan Yaremenko ("Servant of the People" faction) said during his speech. Such a thesis caused a wave of applause in the audience, which mostly consisted of Belarusians.

"The lack of a stable national identity among the majority of citizens of Belarus is the basis of the power of the Russian Federation in this country. After all, being Belarusian means having your own point of view and acting accordingly. National revival in Belarus reduces Russia's ability to influence the situation there," explained the Head of the Belarusian Communications Center, Maksym Pleshko.

A free and nationally conscious Belarus is a Ukrainian national interest, the expert emphasized.


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